Why a specialist translator should be used for important documents

February 12, 2018

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Regardless of your industry, expanding into global markets requires accurate, credible documentation to promote your brand effectively. As buyers are proven to connect with content written in their native language, these documents must be translated effectively to achieve a professional outcome.

Accuracy and authenticity are essential, and terminology and messages must be translated consistently throughout each document. Translation mistakes can destroy a brand’s reputation within a foreign market, creating an impression of low quality and poor attention to detail. An investment of time and resource spent launching overseas can end in poor sales if your supporting documentation doesn’t hit the right tone.

Translation mistakes can also unintentionally alter the meaning of your documents and marketing messages, leading to embarrassment for your brand – and ultimately for you too. Using a specialist translation company to create important documentation removes this risk.

Specialist translation services

Specialist translation services employ a team of highly qualified professional translators, skilled in writing content in your required languages. A quality organisation will ensure the copy is translated by a native speaker of the target language who is also fluent in the original language. This ensures that the original meaning and message remain intact, but are expressed in a suitable style and tone for the target language and context.

Why translating in-house can lead to problems

A common mistake made by many businesses is to allocate translation to a bilingual employee, or to a language student. The problem with this approach is that being able to speak and understand a language does not automatically make you a skilled writer. If you wouldn’t entrust creation of your marketing material to a novice, why do this for your important foreign documents?

Professional translators are equipped with industry leading copywriting skills, and specialise in producing documents in a range of styles for different uses. It is a misconception that translators simply convert text into another language. A wide variety of terms accepted in one language cannot be literally translated into another; a translator must rewrite the content using persuasive language within the correct cultural context to achieve the same impact as the original text.

Translating industry specific documents

For highly technical documentation, or documents of a financial, legal or promotional nature, it is important to choose a translation service with experience in your specific industry, capable of using the correct terminology. A translation service will ensure important documents are proofread for accuracy by a second native speaking linguist, to ensure the final copy is error free.

Document translation services from AST Languages

At AST, our specialist in-house team of translators are supported by over 500 carefully selected professional translators, industry specialists and native speaking proof-readers located around the globe. Each of our translators holds professional qualifications and a minimum of two years’ experience, with additional industry qualifications held by our legal and financial translators. With AST your copy is in trusted hands.

To find out more about our extensive range of translation services, or to obtain a free quote, call us on 0115 970 5633.

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