Three things to remember when translating your annual report

February 21, 2018




Three tips for a stress-free annual report season

You’ve spent weeks collecting data, designing graphics, drafting each section and coordinating Board statements. The annual report is often the most important document a company produces each year – it provides key information for shareholders, analysts and other interested parties, but it can also define a company’s voice within the industry. If you're looking to reach a more global audience then providing your annual report in multiple languages is a great way to improve your profile – but you want to be sure the translation is of high quality.


  1. Choose a high-quality translation provider

Some agencies promise lightning-speed turnaround times with low prices designed to attract clients – but if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Sacrificing quality is never worth it and often leads to problems further down the line.

ISO standard certification or membership of the ATC (Association of Translation Companies) is a reliable indication of quality – and any reputable translation provider will be happy to provide examples of previous financial translations, within the parameters of any existing NDAs.   

For over 20 years AST has provided high-quality financial translation services to a variety of clients. We have a core team of specialist financial translators who have been approved for annual reports and statements.

If your annual report includes a wider variety of texts – such as descriptions of your employees’ activities, charitable/not-for-profit activities or company events, we will select a translator who is suitable to handle all aspects of the texts.

You don’t want to take any chances – so AST offers proofreading by a second native speaker as standard to make sure our translation meets all your requirements.


  1. Plan in advance

Annual report season is determined by the tax year, and the deadline is often clear, so you don’t need to stress! Once you have selected your translation provider, discuss your requirements with them in advance. Even an estimated word count and time frame allows them to reserve capacity with one of their specialist translators.

If things get delayed along the way, regular communication with your translation provider will ensure that things will still go smoothly.


  1. Clarify your style and terminology requirements

Reference material ensures that your translation provider has all the information at their fingertips.

Never translated your annual report before? Providing a glossary and a style guide ensures that the translation reflects your company’s house style, and helps avoid queries arising, which may slow down the translation process.

Once your annual report has been translated, AST can create custom termbases using sophisticated translation software to ensure consistent terminology and an even smoother annual reporting season next year!

For more information, see the ‘Financial Reporting Translations’ section of our website or contact our office team on 0115 9705633.

Josephine Day

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